Master Locksmith Association Gala

EPG are delighted to be a part of the prestigious Master Locksmith Association (MLA) expo happening in late October. Our engineers will be heading to Telford International Centre for a 3 day exhibition including 80+ seminars & classes, Worldwide exhibitors, New product launches and much more.  The team will also get to enjoy the gala […]

Prevention is better than cure.

Unfortunately burglaries are not uncommon. They happen daily and are extremely troubling to deal with afterwards. Criminals are very adept at spotting weaknesses in home safety and they prey on people’s security weaknesses in their homes. This is why here at Executive Partnership Group we have developed a FREE security survey for your home. This […]

Feeling Board? Engineers Complete Boarding Up Course

Our engineers recently attended a boarding up course to add to their already extensive knowledge. The course taught our engineers how to precisely measure, cut and fit boards to cover the damaged areas of windows and doors. This is a vital knowledge for our engineers to learn as it goes hand in hand with our […]

What to do if you have been burgled?

Being burgled is proven to leave significant emotional trauma on the victim. For a long time after the incident the victim will feel many of the emotional reactions similar to PTSD. If you have never been through it, you can still imagine how scary this can be. First step should then be to call the […]