What to do if you have been burgled?

Being burgled is proven to leave significant emotional trauma on the victim. For a long time after the incident the victim will feel many of the emotional reactions similar to PTSD. If you have never been through it, you can still imagine how scary this can be.

First step should then be to call the police. It’s likely that you will be in a state of shock, so it will be useful to also call for the support of someone independent of the incident that you know and trust. The support of friends or family will be especially important if you live alone.

Second thing that needs to be done is you will need to cancel your bank cards. Regardless of whether these have been stolen or not,the perpetrator may have written these down before leaving.

Once the police have left it will be important to get your locks changed. They may either be damaged or they may have taken a key. For your safety and peace of mind it will be important to get this done as soon as possible. We at EPG can respond within the hour and be there to change your locks, give you a spare set of keys and even board up any windows or glass on the door that have been damaged during the breakin. Just give 0800 294 0448 a ring, we are a Salford based Locksmith but can attend anywhere throughout the North of England.

It’s really important to ensure that you can deal with the burglary on an emotional level. Government statistics show that 87% of people burgled were affected on an emotional level, with 15% of those suffering from anxiety and 13% from depression as a result. Charities like Victim Support can provide emotional and practical help.

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